N3/NL  Tracklist
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To run trucks on add-on N3 tracks:    make sure that the track folder contains the following files:  default.tt1,*.ttg (a truck setup file), and the rectrk.txt file.  You also need to adda SPDWT, BLAPT, RELST, and TIRET to the "track".txt file.  You can copy lines and files from similar tracks.
Nascar 2/99 CARS/TRUCKS, and N3 CAR Alternate Mirror:
MIRRL 0 0 8000 -1000000000 65536 100000 93592 
MIRRC 0 0 8000                  0 65536 100000 45888 
MIRRR 0 0 8000  1000000000 65536 100000 93592
Nascar 3 CTS truck Alternate 3-pane mirror:
TMIRL 0 0 8000 -100 95536 90000 73592 
TMIRC 0 0 8000     0 55536 90000 65888 
TMIRR 0 0 8000  100 95536 90000 73592
Other alternate mirror settings that work in any Nascar (X) game can be found in our FAQ .

Hopefully, by using this list and the links below, you'll find what is currently available. Email us with comments.

SRC's Daytona/Indy Info steve*b
CART links  & GPL links galactic_cowboy
Comments on this list try to give you an indication of the various tracks. "based on" means its a graphic edit; no track editing.



Track Name Type Length Location Special files or comments
2-Mile Short Track speedway 2.0 Mistycreek a 2 mile Marty
Ace short 0.4 Pontiac Fan -
Akron speed 1.5 Nascars4 36 degree Homestead (w/draw ahead)
Albany road 2.6 Simcyberworld
stockcar/N3/track patches
Riverside with few graphic edits
Albany (d & n) short .25 Mistycreek   -better than rockford
Airborne short 0.54 Corkscrew off I-70 - I70 dat in download
Atlanta (night)  speedway 1.54 Simcyberworld      in stockcar/N3/track
Atlanta night

Atlanta 97 (N2 Atlanta)

Sunday Drive
Atomic short - Flames dirt high bank
Austin speed 2.25 TEU expanded banked Louisville - no AI.
Australia road 2.795 Pontiac Fan graphic upgrade, works in all modes
Badlands speed 1.28 Freek's banked NL Hattiesburg
Bahamas road 2.8


Beech Ridge short .333 Corkscrew
off N99 Hickory
Berlin short ~.4 BST   off Myrtle Beach
Birmingham short 0.6 Coast to Coast
TMcArthur pack
orig.  track---  pace car picks up middle of pack racers --software graphic fix  here
Black Hills
hi banked
Blue Mountain road 2.24 Mistycreek some ai issues
Bowman Gray short .25 Rubbin' Racin' must have NL
Brickyard - - - -  see Indy listings -
Bristol dirt fake? .5 BST -
Bristol 92

Sunday Drive
day and night
Bullrun road 3.6 WOR  -  the N2 version?
Chemung short .333 Sim New England  
Corkscrew off N99 Hickory
Chicago - really N2 track - can be fixed for CTS
1.0 Simcyberworld-TEP
N99 track editing pages
off Louden - no truck files- closer to Chicago shape
Chicago v3 - 1.0 -- WOR off Dover which isn't the shape of chicago but a nice track 
Chicagoland Speedway speed 1.5 WOR   Vegas with no mountains 
Chicagoland Speedway speed 1.5 NascarCreations banked Vegas edit. Use cd dat, not 1204
Chicagoland Speedway speed 1.5 Mistycreek banked Vegas edit
Clayton speed 1.0 Mistycreek hi banked Pikes Peak - 3dfx only
Cleveland- updated - d3d road 2.4 C2C
Colorado National short .375 USASeries really an N99 but works in d3d - 
Corby speedway 1.5 TMcArthur track pack
orig. track Mistycreek software patch
Cream City speed 1.08 Freek's banked Alaska, which is off Louden
Daytona D& N  - 2.5 Coast to Coast -needs N3 cd
Daytona (Papy) - day and  night patches -  2.5 Simcyberworld. stockcar/N3/track sect
Daytona night upgrade

may be fps hit for slower PCs
 Daytona (D&N) - 2.5  -  WOR
also  @ & Jimmys  & 
NL Daytona (papy) - 2.5 see NL List combined with first listing in this table
Delaware - ~1.0 BST needs N3 Louden
Detroit- updated ICR - d3d  road 2.1 C2C
Desert Winds road 4.0 C2C & TMcArthur track pack
orig. infield road course   WOR
Mistycreek    has software patch
Desert Winds night road 4.0 Mistycreek patches day version  - software too
Desert Winds Oval superspeed 2.35 Coast to Coast
- TMcArthur track pack
DW Oval night  superspd 2.35 Mistycreek patches day version = software too
Dover 94

Sunday Drive
Duqoin3 -  fake dirt 1.058 BST off New England - nice version

Track Name Type Length Location Special files or comments
Eagles Landing II speedway 2.0   -WOR N3 update of the BB&B classic 
Epping short .75 Mistycreek updated old N2 version
Eppings2 short .75 Mistycreek flat richmond
Evansfield speed 1.0 Mistycreek banked naz
Evergreen - - USASeries -
Expo Park short .53 Simcyber-BB&B -
Fallen Oaks short .25 Mistycreek 25 degree Bowman
Flatrock short .26 Coast to Coast off Rockford - bad track surface draw ahead
Flemington draw ahead patch short .625 Pontiac Fan
 for Speedway and esimracing version 
Ford Test Track speed 4.0 TMcArthur track pack
a circle  WOR
France road 2.25 Mistycreek   off Dusen
Green Flag short 0.75 Mistycreek  -  WOR banked Richmond - odd T1-2
Greenville2000 (d&n)  short ~0.5 Nascars4   
WOR  USASeries
Grundy County short 0.33 USASeries banked Hickory - 
Heartland Park - 2.1  here
Hialeah -short  0.36 USASeries flat Hickory
Hickory - -  .36 USASeries   -
Hixburg short 0.50 Coast to Coast based on and needs Green-Pick
Hockenhem road 2.6 Pontiac Fan needs converted NL Riverside
Holland short .375 Sim New England
 Corkscrewoff N99 Hickory
Homestead 2004 speed 1.5 Mistycreek 
with new banking
Hornet short .25 Mistycreek hi banked sobo
Huntsville Spdwy short . 333 USASeries  - WOR S. Boston, so lap speeds are off  
Hyattsville (night) short 0.533 CreativeMotorsports Myrtle with more banking
I-70 - .54  USASeries -
Illinois -dirt 1.0 BST needs N3 Milwaukee
Indy F1 road 2.2 Pontiac Fan off Bugati (reversed flattened Laguna)
IRP day short ~.5 Mistycreek a day version of the n3 track
Irwindale short 0.4   Woof   -
Jennerstown N2/99see trackfix short
Simcyber-TEP -
Jennerstown  short .522 Sim New England off N99 Mesa  --
Jennerstown short .5 BST won't conflict withotherversions
Kalamazoo short 0.4 USASeries off SoBo - n99; works in d3d
KaLeague short 0.5 Mistycreek 20 degree Mesa
Kansas (v1) speedway 1.5 WOR   off Costin's KY 
Kansas (v1.2 speedway  1.5 NascarCreations accurate banking 
Kansas speedway 1.5 BST  banking accurate 
Kentucky speedway 1.5 BST needs N3 Vegas
Kentucky Day speed 1.5 Mistycreek -
Kentucky speedway  1.5 - -WOR
Costin's Vegas edit
Kin Cardin speedway .15 Mistycreek N99 page but has flag and lights
Klamath Falls speedway 1.35 Mistycreek a square banked indy
Lake Erie
Pontiac Fan
variable banking - lite version too
Lake Ponchartrain  short .4 Mistycreek banked- dirt and asph. avail.
Lakewood speed 1.5 Mistycreek 25 deg. charlotte - track draw
Langley short 0.395 Rubbin' Racin'   = USASeries N3 version of the NL track 
Laguna Seca - 2.2 Coast to Coast
 d3d - needs a Laguna.dat
Lanier short .375 USASeries n99 off Hickory - works in d3d
Lee USA short .375 Corkscrew
d3d patch too; needs a SoBo.dat
Legacy Valley short .5 Mistycreek legends billboards
Liberty Center dirt .375 Mistycreek cut down Evergreen
Lime Rock
Pontiac Fan GPL conversion
Lindale Farms speed 1.5 Freek's banked Trenton
Lonesome Pine short .33 Mistycreek  USASeries banked hickory - draw ahead
Long Beach - D3D road 1.67 Mistycreek  different versions- 
Louisville - .437 USASeries  --Sunday Drive
Lynchburg short .625 Coast to Coast needs NL cd; off Wilkes

Track Type Length Location Location or Comment or Special Files
Mansfield short 0.5 Pontiac Fan new cts track for 2004
Martinsville night - .526 Mistycreek  
Mesa - 0.5 USASeries -
Midvale short .33 BST outside pits on backstretch  
Mitigwa (v2) speedway 2.5 NascarCreations tally with flat T 3-4
Moab short 0.538 -
-hi banked Myrtle 
Mobile  n99 update short .5 USASeries Mesa moved east
Moosehead short .7 Mistycreek off N2 IRP
Mosport road 2.45 &  WOR    fromGPL
Mosport short 0.5 BST nice edit
Mt. Lawn dirt? short .33 Mistycreek cut down flat Phoenix
Mountain Top wood 0.5 Mistycreek off IRP
Myrtle63 - - Jim's (direct d/l) uses upgrades to retro N3 track to 63 look
Nashville Supersdwy (day) speed 1.33/1.5 Pontiac Fan correct banking    txt 1.33 but track is1.5
Nashville SS (day and night) speed 1.33 BST correct banking off Vegas & 1.33
Nashville night - 0.5 Coast to Coast  -
N@50 Nashville short 0.5 Jims(directd/l) uses TonyK's N@50 upgrade to patch N3
New Smyrna short  ~.4 Mistycreek  Needs N3 CTS Mesa USASeries
North Point Speedpark road 1.67  C2C need icr/cart longbeach.dat 
Nurburgring road 3.5 PontiacFan off Willow Springs - not really the 'ring
Oil City short .53 Coast to Coast  7 degree (vs. 13) Myrtle
Ontario - 2.5 Rubbin'Racin' must have NL
Ontario 2K - night speed 2.5 Mistycreek  needs NL Ontario
Oxford Plains short .4 Corkscrew
off SoBo
Peach State short .5 BST
needs Mesa Marin - doesn't work in D3D? 
GA Internl listed above is very similar
Petersborough short .333 BST true cut down track; good AI
Pine Valley
hi banked
N3 Pocono  - 2.5 Coast to Coast   Nascars4
upgraded N99 Pocono - 2.5   WOR Simcyber @stockcar/N3/track  patches  
Pocomod speed 2.5? Corkscrew
special for modifieds
N99 Portland Oval -- short
 -Sunday Drive

Prince George speed 3.0 Mistycreek big hi-banked 4-wide speedway
Quesnel short 0.4 USASeries flat Sobo -- old BB&B track
Race City short 0.50 Corkscrew
Red Planet short .6 Mistycreek dirt and asphalt versions, short Dover on Mars
Red Rock road 2.6 WOR   updates the N2 version
Redwood Ridge speed 1.0 Freek's banked and edited Wiltshire (off Naz)
NL Richmond - 0.54 Rubbin'Racin' must have NL
Richmond day
short .75 BST
 -Sunday Drive
Riverhead short .4 Corkscrew
off SoBo
Riverside Spdwy short .4 Corkscrew
off SoBo
NL Riverside road 2.62 Rubbin'Racin' need NL WOR   - Mistycreek  has software patch 
Rockford short 0.26 Coast to Coast updated version of the BBB classic
Roswell speed` 1.5 Freek's banked Corby with graphic edits

Track Type Length Location Comment or Special Files
Salem-N3 short 0.56 BST
banked and modified Nashville - better than the N99version -not sobumpy
San Diego speed 2.5 Mistycreek hi banked indy
San Jose short 1.0 C2C & Nascars4 off milwaukee -  
Seacoast fake dirt 0.5  BST needs NL Greenville (preferably converted)
Sears99, 01, 02  road ~2.2 Simcyber-TEP  
& TMcArthur track pack
AI & sftwr patch for 01@ Mistycreek
AI also at PontiacFan
Sears 97 - ~2.2  Simcyber-TEPTMcArthur track pack   Mistycreek   has software patch  Sunday Drive
Sebring road 3.66  Coast to Coast  WOR   flat Bullrun in Florida
Seekonk short -
Skidpad short .25 Simcyberworld-TEP perfect circle - like Pantsring for GPL 
Smokey Mountain fake dirt .526 BST off N3 Marty
South Side short .375? USASeries n99 off Hickory - works in d3d
Southern (night)



Coast to Coast d3d version of the BB&B classic 
Springfield short .44 Freek's banked Louisville
Stadium short .422 Mistycreek skinnier longer Marty
Stafford short
off Bristol  
Star Spdwy short .333 Corkscrew
off Hickory
Stockton short .3 West Coast Racing off Rockford?
Sturgis speed 1.36 Mistycreek an oval darlington
Summerside short .54 Mistycreek off NL Richmond
Suzuka road - Pontiac Fan needs Portland & (N99 version)  - WOR
Talladega (night) super 2.66  WOR  -
Tennessee speed 1.5 Pontiac Fan quad-oval with 18 degree banking
Texas (night) speedway 1.5 CArndt  - & Simcyberstockcar/N3/trackpatches
Thunder Road short .281 Corkscrew
off Sobo
Tillman Flats road 1.53 Pontiac Fan converted from GPL Lime Rock beta - flattened
Toledo short ~.5 Coast to Coast based on N3 I-70
Toledo short .5 Mistycreek a good rendition
Toronto D3D road 1.78 Pontiac Fan Mistycreek
Trenton speedway 1.5 TEPTMcArthur pack  Corkscrew N3 conversion of NL track   
Tunnel short .4 Mistycreek flat sobo
Tuscon short .567 Mistycreek 23 degree shortie of western world
Union short .5 Freek's banked Confederate (banked NL G-P)
USA International short ~.5 WOR  - USA Series &    based on N3 IRP  
Vancouver road 1.67 Mistycreek Icr to N3 - d3d compatible patch
Vegas (night) speedway 1.5 Simcyberworld   -in the stockcar/N3/track patches 
Waterford short .333 Corkscrew
off Hickory; now d3d
Watkins Glen  road ~2.2 Simcyber-TEP TMcArthur track pack no inner loop
Wat. Glen 91 road 2.2 TMcArthur track pack
West Valley short .75 Mistycreek 18 degree chopped Milwaukee
Wilkes (N2 upgrade) - .625  C2C   =Sunday Drive
Wilkes 2003 short .625 Mistycreek -
Willow Springs road 2.2+   TMcArthur track pack original track TEP & Mistycreek      has a software patch
Winchester short 0.546 BST needs N3 Marty- Looks like Thompson
Wisconsin Dells
hickory edit
Woodlands short .33 Mistycreek off Memphis with 25 degree banking

Nascar Legends
TRACK Type- Length- Location Comments
Airfield short 0.4 Coast to Coast an updated BB&B Quesnel
Albany-Saratoga short 0.36 Rubbin' Racin' off Hickory w/ less banking - 
draw ahead patch at PontiacFan
Augusta -short ~0.5 Coast to Coast based on Bristol
Beltsville short 0.5 Rubbin' Racin' needs Nx Marty 
Birmingham short 0.6 Coast to Coast orig. track TMcArthur track pack
Castle Rock road 2.6 Coast to Coast off red rock
needs Greenville.dat
Daytona speed 2.5 Rubbin' Racin' needs a daytona.dat
N3 Dover

Elkhart Lake patch - 4.0  Pontiac Fan can convert to N3 too
N99 Evergreen

Fairgrounds short .625 Coast to Coast needs Pits N99->NL Flemington

Ford Test Track speedway 4.0 Simcyberworld-TEP perfect circle  TMcArthur track pack
Hickory - .33 Rubbin' Racin'

patches N2BGN or N99 
draw ahead patch at PontiacFan

Hixburg short 0.50 Coast to Coast based on Green-Pick
N3 Indy


International short .4 Smitty's needs N99 Louisville 
Kingsport - .33 Rubbin' Racin' slightly flattened Hickory
Langley short 0.395 Rubbin' Racin' may be D3D problem
Lime Rock road 1.53 Pontiac Fan conversion from N3
Macon short .25 Coast to Coast off Rockford
Mansfield short 0.5 Pontiac Fan NL version of the 2004 CTS track
Middle Georgia short 0.55 Rubbin' Racin' off I-70 - 
Mid-Ohio - D3D road 2.25 Pontiac Fan can convert to N3 too
Midvale short .33 BST outside pits on backstretch

Mosport short 0.5 BST nice edit
Mosquito Jct. short 0.625 Coast to Coast upgrade of the BB&B classic


Palm Beach road 4.0 Coast to Coast based on Desert Winds TMcArthur track pack
Pocono - 2.5 Rubbin' Racin' patches N2 or N99/NROS 
draw ahead patch at PontiacFan
Portland oval short ~0.5 Coast to Coast - needs N99 portland short track
Portland 1970 road 2.1 Coast to Coast retro to 1970
Rock Creek
Pontiac Fan
edit of N3 Lake Erie

Sears70 road - Coast to Coast -
N3 sears

Seattle road 2.1 Coast to Coast based on Heartland
Sebring road 3.66  Coast to Coast flat Bullrun in FL
Skidpad short - Simcyberworld-TEP bowl - like pants ring for GPL TMcArthur track pack
Smoky Mountains short .5 Rubbin' Racin' off Mesa - any N(x) will work 
Pits version is diff. from RR version
Smoky Mountain

Stadium short .422 Mistycreek longer skinnier Marty
State Fairgrounds short 0.5   Rubbin' Racin' -
Tillman Flats road 1.53 Pontiac Fan converted GPL Lime Rock beta - flattened
Trenton speed 1.5 Simcyber-TEPTMcArthur pack an orig. of the old kidney track
West Virginia