Nascar 2/99 tracklist
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Nascar 2/99 CARS/TRUCKS, and N3 CAR Alternate Mirror:
MIRRL 0 0 8000 -1000000000 65536 100000 93592 
MIRRC 0 0 8000                  0 65536 100000 45888 
MIRRR 0 0 8000  1000000000 65536 100000 93592
Nascar 3 CTS truck Alternate 3-pane mirror:
TMIRL 0 0 8000 -100 95536 90000 73592 
TMIRC 0 0 8000      0 55536 90000 45888 
TMIRR 0 0 8000  100 95536 90000 73592
Other alternate mirror settings for cars that work in any Nascar (X) game can be found in our FAQ
Hopefully, by using these various links, you'll find almost every track available for the sims.  Email us with comments.


Track Name Type Length Location Special Files or comments
141 Speedway - 0.24 Simcyber-BB&B
Ace short 0.40 Pontiac Fan -
Akron speed 1.5 Nascars4 36 degree homestead - may have N3 eye candy
Alaska speed 1.058 Nascars4 off New England?
Albany  - 1.0 Mike's needs converted ICR2 Milwaukee
Anderson short .25 Woof-BSDR off hickory - speeds way off - run 90 w/ 65lap
Apple Valley Spdwy short ~.5  TEP off Nashville 
Atlantic City - - TEP ?
N99 Atlanta night - - Mistycreek -
NL Atlanta - - Rubbin Racin need NL then convert to N3, then use the patch
The Bahamas Road - TEP converted ICR2 Australia
Bedford Spdwy  Dirt d-oval 0.75? IDRS -
Bigtyme super - Jimmys -tally
Bigtymer speed - Jimmys -pocono
Bigshort short - Jimmys -high banked shortie, forgotten which one
Birmingham  N3 - > N99 patch Mistycreek
-TMcArthur track pack
Bowman Gray 
NL -> N99
short - Rubbin Racin
Need NL.dat, convert to N3  --use DT patch to remove the groove
Brewerton short 0.5 IDRS -
NL Bristol - - Rubbin Racin need NL then convert to N3, then use the patch
Bull Run Raceway Road 3.66  Simcyberworld-TEP-
Bull Run 2000 Road - Simcyber-TEP
more conventional course
Bullring @ Las Vegas
West Coast Racing off hickory
Bush Gardens  - 1.25 Simcyber-TEP Gateway
Cajon Spdwy short ~0.4 West Coast Racing off S. Boston
N3 California - - Mistycreek -
California (night) - 2.0 Coast to Coast 
California night banked? speed 2.0 Mistycreek -
Cape Canaveral - - Coast to Coast  off Atlanta 
Cayuga Fairgrounds - - IDRS
Central PA short 0.5 WestCoast off Mesa
-NL Charlotte - - Rubbin Racin need NL then convert to N3, then use the patch
Chemung short .33 SimNewEngland of n99 hickory
Chenoa  see trackfix 0.53 Simcyber-BB&B Marty X IRP  -- -- 
Chicago - 1.0 Simcyber-TEP 1.0 mile off Louden
Chicagoland  speed 1.5 Mistycreek converts N3 to N99   (Costin's N3 version)
Coastal Plains short .33 Goody's Dash based on Hickory
Colorado Spdwy 2.00 Simcyber-TEP
Colorado Natnl short .375 USASeries file name conflicts with Colorado Speedway
Copperhead dirt .5 Simcyber-TEP -marty with fake dirt (good for TonyK'ssprint carpatch)
Corby N3->N99 -speedway 1.5 TMcArthur trckpack Mistycreek also has software patch
Croft Road - Simcyber-TEP converted ICR2 mid-Ohio 
Cumberland short 0.5 IDRS -

Track Name Type Length Location Special Files or comments
Danbury short -.3 SimNewEngland off Hickory
NL Darlington - - Rubbin Racin convert NL to N3, then use the patch
DAYTONA N3->N99 (D&N) papy
2.5 Nascarn you'll need the N3 version  - truck fix there too 
Daytona Itntl. Spdwy. (DIS)  2.5-2.66 Degen.X off n1 tally with its dogleg
Other older "Degatonas"  - "FIS" Simcyber-TEP N2 tally
Daytona Beach Road Course - - - Degen.X -  off Elkhart
Delaware Speedway Park Dirt 0.63  IDRS
Delaware Night short .65 Mistycreek conversion of BST N3 Delaware
Desert Oval speed 2.25? Nascarn
Desert Winds N3-N99
TMcArthur pack
Detroit  road  -  Nascars4 3dfx only
Disney speed 1.0 Nascars4 off Phoenix?
Donnington Road Simcyber-TEP  converted ICR2 Portand- 
DuQuoin St. Fairgrounds Dirt 1.08 IDRS
Dusen-Ring  Road 2.25 Simcyber-BB&B off Mid Ohio  
Dyers Wharf short 0.625 Mistycreek hi banked Wilkes
Eagles Landing 2.00 Simcyber-BB&B - a high banked Michigan- 
East Troy 0.53  Simcyber-BB&B - off N1 Marty
Eldora Speedway  Dirt 0.50 IDRS IDRS has N99 also @ 
Elkhart Lake Road Simcyber-TEP -
Epping short 0.4 Mistycreek off N99 IRP - high banked
Expo Park - 0.53 Simcyber-BB&B - off N1 Bristol - nice track
FL Intrnl Spdwy Day 2.5-2.66 Simcyber-TEP  tally -
FL Intrnl Spdwy night 2.5-2.66 Simcyber-TEP  tally - 
Florida Speed park short .5  USASeries off N99 I-70  (d/l gone?)
Festival Park Speedway Dirt 0.75  IDRS dirt richmond
Flemington ~0.6 Simcyber-TEP based on Wilkes-
N3 Ford Test Track speed 4.0 Mistycreek needs N3 version

  Track Name Type Length Location Special Files or Comments
N3 Gateway speed 1.25 Nascarn -
Georgia Intnl. Spdwy short -  USA Series
-N99 Mesa  Simcyber-TEP
Golden State 2.00 Simcyberworld-BB&B basically California
Great Pharoah Speedway Road? - Simcyber-TEP N2 Sears Point (not n99) - use nros file
NL Greenville-Pickens - -  Mistycreek   need NL
Hampton Speedway short? - Simcyber-TEP ?
Hana Bay Road - Simcyber-TEP converted ICR2 Toronto- 
Hattiesburg 1.28 Simcyberworld-BB&B -
Hawaii - - Simcyber-TEP ?
Heartland Park Road - Simcyber-TEP for those with N2 only
Hell speed 1.5 Mistycreek off Corby
Hialeah short .333 USASeries N2 hickory.dat (flattened) - 
Holland short .33 Sim NewEngland off n99 hickory
2003 Homestead speed 1.5 MCDRacer with 20 degree banking as in 2003
Horton speed 1.0 Mistycreek hi-banked night Phoenix - wood track
Hyattsville (night) - 0.54 CreativeMotor 20 degree Myrtle 
pages don't load in Netscape 4
I-70 Speedway - 0.53  Simcyberworld-BB&B - if you've only got n2
Illinois St. Fgds Spdwy Dirt 1.00  IDRS download is Springfield?
Indianapolis (M. Music) - 2.5 Rubbin'Racin' needs dat (get DegenX version); this patch updates graphics
Indianapolis Mtrspdwy - 2.50 Degen.X
N3 Indy conversion - - Mistycreek  &
Indy  Night Patch - - - Gator  -
N3 -> N99  IRP short ~0.5 Mistycreek -
Iowa speed 2.0 Mistycreek off Texas World
Jacksonville short 0.5 IDRS -
Jennerstown - see trackfix - - Simcyber-TEP Myrtle infield - flat Martytrack 
Jennerstown short .522 Sim NewEngland off Mesa   
Kalamazoo short .4  USA Series off N2 S. Boston
N3 BST Kansas - - Mistycreek patches it
Kansas speed 1.5 NascarCreations degroove patch for the N3 version 
Kenora short 0.625 Coast to Coast updated Mosquito Jct.
N3 BST Kentucky - - Mistycreek patches it
Kin-Carden speed 1.5 Mistycreek off Legends Charlotte
Knockhill - Simcyber-TEP N2/N99 Nazareth
Knoxville - - IDRS -
Lanier short .375  Goody'sDash off N99 Hickory  USA Series
LA Street Course road 1.67 West CoastRacing needs Long Beach dat
LaCrosse Spdwy - -  USA Series off N2 Wilkes 
Laguna Seca
Road - Simcyber-TEP 3dfx only
Lake Erie
Pontiac Fan
variable banking
Lake Geneva - see trackfix - 0.53 Simcyberworld-BB&B NBristol X Marty - flat 
Lakewood speed 1.5 Mistycreek 25 deg. N2 charlotte
N3 LV - - Mistycreek need N3 
Las Vegas Dirt 1.00 IDRS
Las Vegas 1.5? Degen.X
LVMS (night) short 0.37 West CoastRacing needs Hickory dat
Lexington Speedway 0.75 Simcyberworld-BB&B flat Richmond - watch the trees
Limerock Simcyber-TEP off Laguna, needs searspt.dat
Lonesome Pine short .33 Mistycreek & USA Series off Hickory
Lumber speed 1.5 Mistycreek flattened N.Charl with "wood" surface

Track Name Type Length Location Special Files or Comments
Major speedway 2.0 Mistycreek high banked calif.
Pontiac Fan
new shortie for 2004 CTS
Manzanita Speedway Dirt 0.45 IDRS
Martinsville (night) - - Mistycreek
NL Marty - - Rubbin'Racin' need to convert NL to N3, then use this patch
Melbourne Raceway Dirt 0.50  IDRS -
Mesa Marin - 0.5 Simcyber-TEP based on Nshvll - 
NL Michigan  - - Rubbin'Racin' need to convert NL to N3, then use this patch
Michigan (night) - - N99Hq  -
Mitigwa super 2.66 NascarCreations turns 3-4 flat
Monument Valley 2.00 Simcyber-TEP based on Mich. 
Mosport road - Pontiac Fan the GPL conversion for N99
Mosquito Jct - 0.63  Simcyber-BB&B wilkes.dat
Myrtle Beach (night) - - Coast to Coast -
Nashville (day) - - Coast to Coast -
Nashville Superspdwy speed 1.5 Mistycreek Vegas edit
Nebraska speed 1.5 Mistycreek off Homestead (banked)
New Smyrna - 0.50      USA based on Chenoa
New York City  v2 speedwy 1.65 Coast to Coast -
Nimrod dirt - short .56 Mistycreek dirt mod of Humble - hi banks
Omaha - 2.00 Simcyber-TEP off Mich.
NL Ontario - - Rubbin'Racin'
Rubbin Racing version: convert NL to N3, then patch
NL Ontario night
Mistycreek -
Orange Cty - see trackfix - 0.38 Nascars4   - based on S. Boston 
Oskarbach Road Simcyber-TEP cnvrtd ICR2 Long Bch. 
Oulton Park road - Simcyber-TEP off Wat. Glen
Outback short .54 Simcyber-TEP flat I-70 

  Track Name Type Length Location Special Files or Comments
Pocono - -  Nascarn Coast to Coast -
Quebec superspeed 2.67 Mistycreek 20 degree tally
Quesnel (GoldPan) - - Simcyber-BB&B
Red Rock  Road 2.61  ,
Simcyber-TEP  or n99 CD (nros folder)  
Resort Road - Coast to Coast -needs ICR/CART installed w/ BB&B Portfast
NL Richmond to N99 - - Rubbin' Racin need to convert NL to N3, then patch
Riverside Intnl. Raceway road NL - N99 Rubbin' Racin' need to convert NL to N3, then use this patch  @  Mistycreek +software patch
Roanoke short 0.533 Coast to Coast -
Rockford - 0.26  Simcyber-BB&B dippin' bullring - cut down S.Boston
NL Rockingham (NC) - - Rubbin' Racin -convert NL to N3 then to N99
Rockland Intntl Spdwy - - Simcyber-TEP ?
Rocky Mtn. Speedway short 0.33 West Coast Racing banked Hickory
Rosstown superspeed 2.67 Mistycreek hi banked tally - was at old site
Salem short` 0.56 Woof-BSDR high banked Nashville-drives very smooth
Saltzburg  - -
Simcyber-TEP N2/99 Phoenix reversed
Sea Coast short 0.5 IDRS -
Sears99 N3 -> N99 - TMcArthur track pack Mistycreek-software patch too 
Sears97 N3->N99 - TMcArthur track pack Mistycreek- software patch too 
Sears01 N3 -> N99 road Mistycreek with AI lp files  and  software fix for 99
Sears 02 N3->N99 road Mistycreek -
Sebring N3 ->N99 - Mistycreek flat Bullrun in FL
Shawano Speedway Dirt 0.53 IDRS dirt I70
Skagit - - IDRS -
Smoky Mountain Dirt 0.53 IDRS
Snetteron (day & night) Road Simcyber-TEP converted ICR2 Cleveland-not GPL
Snowdon - 1.00 p
turn right at Nazareth
Sonoran Road 2.52  Simcyber-BB&B off Sears Point (uses Phoenix)
South Side Spdwy - - USA Series
Southern National  - 0.45 Simcyber-BB&B uses N2 Bristol see our trackfix page
Southern National Night  - 0.45  Simcyber-BB&B needs Bristol and nBristol  see trackfix 
Springfield dirt 1.0 IDRS -
State Fairgrounds short .5? Mistycreek off Flemington?
Stockton short ~.25 West Coast Racing off Rockford
Stone City speed 1.5 Mistycreek
Pontiac Fan
high banked scenic track off Homestead
Strafford (i.e. Stafford) - Simcyber-TEP - 2 versions
Suzuka Road 1.95  Degen.X  off converted ICR Portland raceservers
Syracuse Fantasy Rcwy Dirt 1.00 IDRS - off the Rock
Swainsboro short 0.75 IDRS -

Track Name Type Length Location Special files or Comments
NL Tally - - Rubbin'Racin' convert to NL to N3; patch removes groove
Pontiac Fan
quad-oval with 18 degree banking
N3 Texas - - Mistycreek     need N3
Texas World Spdwy (NL) - - Rubbin'Racin' convert NL to N3; patch removes groove
NL Thompson - - Mistycreek -
Thruxton Road - Simcyber-TEP need ICR2 FlatGlen @ Simcyber-BB&B
Tillman Flats road 1.53 Pontiac Fan converted GPL Lime Rock beta - flattened
Tornado Alley short 0.4 Mistycreek extreme banked SoBo
NL Trenton NL->N99 - Mistycreek -TMcArthur track pack
N3 Trenton 2k speed 1.5 Nascarn patch for N3 track
Tucson Raceway Park - .38 Simcyber-TEP off Hickory
Tunnel (Sleepy Valley) speed 1.01 Mistycreek completely black high walls - gives impression of driving in a tunnel
Twin Peak Mtr Spdwy - 0.54  Simcyber-TEP n2/bgn cds?
Untally - 2.66 Simcyber-TEP renamed no restrictor
Valley View speed 1.5 Mistycreek high banked N2 Atlanta - wood track
Washington road - Mistycreek a flat Bullrun with a grass track
Wat. Glen no chicane patch Mistycreek -
Watkins Glen (night) Road - Simcyber-TEP converts n2 W. Glen - chicane wall remover in thestockcar/N99/utilsection
Wayne Cnty Speedway Dirt 0.50+ IDRS off Bristol?
Weissler Road - Simcyber-TEP converted ICR2 Toronto 
West Virginia  Dirt .57-.63 IDRS N2 Wilkes.dat 
Wexford (D & N) Road 4.22 -
 needs Wat. Glen - a double Detroit
NL Wilkesboro - - Rubbin Racin convert NL to N3; patch removes groove
Willow Springs road 2.2+ Mistycreek conversion of SCW-TEPs N3 version
Wiltshire Castle Spdwy - Simcyber-TEP N2/N99 Nazareth
Williamsburg 0.75  Simcyber-BB&B off Richmd
The Winston speedway 1.65 Coast to Coast -
Wolfpac speedway 2.00 Degen-X WCW nicely done night track off California