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Albany night
Justin9 quarter-mile asphalt oval located in Leesburg, GA. 
2.3 megs
Atlanta 05
updated track by Rioux
day 13.4 megs
night 14 megs
Autodrome Chaudieres
Maynard46 et al.   A popular Canadian shortie
9.7 megs
Kurt (formerly known as t/a freak) - a hilly flowing1.8 mile roadie for all mods; still needs cams.  This is a fun track;good in CTS and PTA-type
4.7 megs
Baer Field
by fej87 as was posted at STC; posted here with permission 4.6 megs
Beech Ridge
by Maynard, JR Franklin, Matt Gilson and friends.   The very popular NE .33 mile low banked short track.  36 pits.
11.5 megs
Berlin Raceway 07
a gfx edit of the original White Falcon track by by robo19
6.5 megs
BOWTIE and Wrangler3 et al.   A popular Alabama short track.  A lot of folks contributed to finishing up BOWTIE's start. 
9.7 meg zip
Blue Ridge
early N2k3 edit to bank Homestead by Wrangler3; very insightful edit.  What they did is about what he created a year before.
9 megs
Bristol 91 night
Wrangler3 retro-fit of Bristol to its pre-concrete days  -- pit entry blag flag fix
7.8 megs
Bowman Gray 2005
JR Franklin and Co. completely rebuilt BG track with butter's rule
12.6 megs
Cake Tin
a goof track lost when a site disappeared.  Author, tell us its not ok, we'll remove it.
1.3 megs
JR Frankin and Maynard  from short track sim
7 megs
Citrus County
Justin9, steveb73, BOWTIE - a .375 moderately banked central FL short track
7.34 megs
Justin9  now known as Watermelon Capital Speedway,a 3/8ths mile D-shaped oval. Located in Cordele, GA.  Banked at 9 degrees, uses two pit lanes to hold 25 cars 3.01 megs
Corn Field Raceway
NR2007 and Beyond - a 4.0 mile roadie thru the cornfields of Iowa
zip contains a a 7z exe install routine - you need winrar 3.6x or 7z to install this
12.7 megs
steveb73, riviera71, BOWTIE - a 3/8 mile fictional along the west central FL coast
6.6 megs
CORR Chula Vista
amtronic    A track for the CORR off-road trucks.  see discussion here
1.55 megs
riviera71  oval modification of the original RC by Steve Whitty.  Two versions:  one that goes clockwise (aussie style), and one that goes counter-clockwise (Nascar style)
auscar version 8.5 megs
Nascar version 9 megs
Darlington 2005
Wrangler3 edit of what ISC should do to make Darlington better for fans
7.8 megs
Darlington Night 05
This edit, by JR Franklin and Draftdancer, fixes all the problems in Andy340's Darlington night track found at several sites.  It also replaces some gfx, and has AI tweaks completed.
8.9 megs
Daytona 2004
Wrangler3 and Greg Renfro -updates with Sunoco and Nextel logos and softwalls. Creates a whole new folder; won't affect the papy version
8.8 megs
3.6 mile road/speed track that hoststhe Rolex24.  Orig. made by White Falcon for N4.  2k3 update to fix the invisible wall at pit exit by theirc.  The other version (Daytona RC) fixes a lot of issues still in this d/l.
11.6 megs
by fej87 as was posted at STC; posted here with permission
4.9 megs
netfindr- read about it here.  3.096 m road track; moderate but good graphics w/ good fps.  Uses all the gears!  PTA and CTS supported. 6/6/04 UPDATE
8.5 megs
Evergreen Night
graphic edit of PWF Evergreen by JR Franklin
8.5 megs
Five Flags Snowball
Justin9 and steveb73 1/2 mile semi-high banked oval in Pensacola, FL. Home to the Snowball Derby every December     pit issue patch     3-wide LPs
4.07 megs
orig. by Brian Suber (aka bsracer) as Jefferson; update by steveb73 9.7 megs
N2 conversion by Justin9 and steveb73
3.2 megs
Flemington  version 2
gfx update of track above... contributions by BOWTIE, Omodified, Wrangler, ajshoe
6.3 megs
Freeway Superspeedway
NR2007 and Beyond 11 mile SS where rush hour is the least of your worries    
zip contains a 7z exe install routine - you need winrar 3.6x or 7z to install this
6.3 megs
Galesburg Speedway
by robo19  a flat 1/4 mile bullring in Michigan
5.2 megs
Golden Gate
steveb73, riviera71, amtronic, and bowtie  A tampa short track done to the 70s configuration.  Home of the Governor's Cup.
5.5 megs
Justin9, steveb73, BOWTIE  1.2 mile d-oval.  Converted from BB&B classic
06/29/08 new ini with pit stall fix
8.8 megs
Justin9 and steveb73  a 1/3th mile flat short track located in Hialeah, FL.
3.7 megs
High Plains
Phantom and steveb73  flat IRP edit with lots of eye candy
7.0 megs
Homestead 96
JR Franklin and Riviera71 the old flat quad oval layout
5.8 megs
Homestead night
JR Franklin graphic edit of PWF Homestead to the new night look as run in 2005
8.8 megs
amtronic - the popular 2.7 mile Hungarian circuit
7.6 megs
Huntsville v2
update of original track by Wayne (BOWTIE) Anderson. Edited by Murd0ck42, Wranger3, steve*b to fix AI along with other track improvements.  
5.54 megs
Lake Erie
Wrangler Rioux - classic short track with great new eye candy
day 7.7 meg
night 8.5 meg
Lodi v2
orig. by Brian Suber (aka bsracer); update by steveb73 
new download 9/2/07 fixes gfx glitch

10.1 meg
Long Beach beta
amtronic and fortine00   a graphic and AI upate to the Noonan conversion
5.42 megs
Madison v1.1
by fej87 as was posted at STC; posted here with permission 4.6 megs
Meadowdale beta
Dave Thayer's early beta... some fps problems.  Nicely flowing 3.2 mile roadie.
6.5 megs
Memphis night
by JR Franklin gfx edit and upgrade of day version
11.6 megs
Milwaukee Night
Wrangler3 updated graphic edit
9.1 megs
Minn. St. Fairgrds
a popular N2k2 flat 1/2 miler by whitefalcon - works great in 2k3
8.3 megs
Minn. St. Big Fair 07
an updated version of Minn. St. Fair 07 by JR Franklin 7.7 megs
Mosquito 2007
Phantom and steveb73  updated and redone N2 BB&B track; new eye candy
8.0 megs
Myrtle Night
by kurt (t/a freak) and JR Franklin  update of Myrtle Beach_jm 5.3 megs
Mustek v1.3
by SNSpawn - a 2.98 mile road course. Flat with elevation changes. 
NC Fairgrounds paved
asphalt edit of ASTG's beta version of their dirt track.  New AI (which turned out really good), fewer pits, new trackside objects.
4.74 megs
New Hamp. night 08
by rcrgoodwrench   papy edit for a night version
7.27 megs
New Smyrna
the well known half mile banked short track in Florida.
Wayne (BOWTIE) Anderson & Frank (RIP 25) Lawrence

Adjust ai_fuel_use in the ini file to about 0.90-0.93
N. Wilkes SRC 06
by Justin9, steveb73, sticky22, raybee1970, BOWTIE and JR Franklin
what wilkes might be if they just painted it up, patched the cracks, and opened the doors.
day exe 8.99 meg
night exe 8.52 meg
Justin9 and JR Franklin America's Short Track, 3/8ths mile egg-shaped low-bank
3.0 megs
by Justin9, steveb73  3/8ths mile semi-banked oval located in Bithlo, FL 2.66 megs  INI patch
Oxford Plains
Justin9   banked ME oval....... dual pit road.  d/l includes new fixes by JR Franklin -- must use full pace lap; half lap pace won't work.
5.8 megs
Phoenix Road v 2.0
1.55 mile infield RC of Phoenix Internl. Rcwy.  by RossofNC  --
patch to fix invisible walls and curbs - patch
7.51 megs
Portland oval
Justin9 and JR Franklin  N2/N3 conversion of the old CTS track
2.97 megs
Richmond Fairgrounds
1970s type version
by Justin9, steveb73  N2/N3 conversion of the old configuration of the track.  I may update the gfx on this one in the future.
2.1 megs
Richmond Raceway
Paved version of a real 0.3 mile dirt track by D_Fields - tough AI
3.49 megs
Riverside NH
Maynard46, JR. Franklin, Matt Gilson -- remake of a WCR beta
10 megs
Rioux -- another favorite short track - AI don't pass much
day 7.9 meg
night 8.9 meg
Sandusky 2008
JR Franklin and Jim Foose -   a popular Ohio short track
9.4 megs
Sears Pt. 69-97
ZiggyM update of Phantom's N2 conversion of the old layout with the boot
1.8 megs
Seascrape abr
by JaiPaSai  -a quick 2 mile country roadie - no mod support in the ini; madefor T/A physics.  AI are very quick with "stock" type mods.   Pit LPs here.
4.8 megs
Shiloh v2
orig. by Brian Suber (aka bsracer); update by steveb73 7.25 megs
Silver City
Phantom and steveb73   flat sobo N3 edit with lots of eye candy
6.7 megs
by Zoltán Nagy  conversion of GPL orig. by Martijn Keizer 6.98 megs
South Alabama
Justin9 and JR Franklin 4/10ths mile semi-banked oval in Opp, Alabama. 3.44 megs
South Boston DR
by Rioux  nice edit of a favorite track
day 5.6 meg
night 6.3 megs
Speedway 95
by Gil, JR. Franklin, Maynard, Riviera73, Robo19, Bowtie.   A .333 mile 5 degree banked popular track in Hermon, Maine
9.53 megs
Spenser DR
by Rioux  another great Rioux short track day 5.6 meg
night 6.3 megs
Springfield 74
ZiggyM edit of IL St. Fgd (author unknown; originally released on PWF message board) which is a Louden edit to be dirt.  Focus on GN70 (cts) and SNSC70 (gns) mods.
6.5 megs
Spud Spdway Night
Matt Gilson and crew  0333 mile 7 degree banked Maine track
8.11 megs
St. Petersburg
by Justin9 and steveb73, with contributions by Phantom, BOWTIE, Raybee1970, fortino_oo.  1.8 mile street course run by IRL/SCCA.  Original download contains files  in a folder to make it a "lite" version.  The update maintains orig. name and is for heavy version only - DO NOT USE update on the LITE version.
9.35 megs
09/10/06 gfx update
St. Pete 08
Most likely the last annual graphic upgrade; replaces the 2007 track.  Big change is banners on the fence and new accurate buildings by BOWTIE. Makes a different track:  stpete_08  - not for faint hearted computers.
11+ megs
St. Pete 13
With a great kudu to amtronic and fortine_oo, this great track is updated with the proper pit exit and the new Dali Museum and some other eye candy, with some loss of some fps hogs.  Same great track; just better. 
11.8 megs
Stafford 2008
New version of the popular modified track by J.R. Franklin
day 6.5 megs
night 8.8 megs
Summit Point beta
by ang71va  a 2 mile relatively flat flowing roadie.  ini that adjusts some values for cts included
2.2 megs
Sunshine Speedway v2
graphic upgrade by steveb73 of orignal track by BrianZ and Draftdancer  a 1/4 moderately banked track  Has Fig 8 for online fun.  Updated 8/20/07 to fix gfx glitch.
9.8 megs
Tally 1990
by rcrgoodwrench  papy edit..... one more for the retros
15 megs
Tally night 2008
by rcrgoodwrench - a gfx update of the papy track
9.45 megs
Thompson Night
by JR Franklin night edit of PWF Thompson with AI edits
7.75 megs
Top Gear Test Track
amtronic   intended for the rally mod
3.18 megs
Phantom and steveb73   a flat nashville with lots of eye candy
6.3 megs
gil and JR Franklin   a low banked 1/3 mile northeast track
10.7 megs
USA International
by Justin9 and steveb73 3/4 mile purported "home" of USAR racing; Lakeland FL
4.2 megs  -- LP patch
USA 2008
JR Franklin update to track above
8 megs
Wat. Glen 1990
JR Franklin and riviera71 edit of Wat. Glen No Loop made by T. Wheatley
5.0 megs
Wat. Glen no loop
course without the chicane.  Orig. done by Tim Wheatley with edits by Draftdancer
7.9 megs
Willow Point
by netfindr  read about it here  3.182 mile 16 Turn Fictional Road Course
9.4 megs
Winchester final
by amtronic  all new home grown version of this popular track
day    night
by fej87 as was posted at STC; posted here with permission 6.25 megs